Modernist Vegetarian on My life as a foodie - Audio Clip

Short clip of a great review for the book from the My Life as a Foodie Podcast

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“One of the greatest young chefs of our generation”

“Literally jewelry for you iPad!”

“Eddies artistry [is] one of the culinary industries greatest gifts”

“One of the most visually stunning things I’ve ever seen on the iPad

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Modernist Vegetarian - OUT NOW

So with Modernist Vegetarian, my first ebook, out earlier this week I thought I would share some images from the book with you.

You can download it here - Just £3.99
Note it is iPad only currently!

But here are a few screen shots to whet your appetite.







Modernist Vegetarian - Eddie Shepherd

Ultrasonics in the kitchen

The PolyScience SonicPrep

2 ps done

This is just a quick blog post and also abit of a teaser for my ebook coming out in the next couple of weeks - ‘Modernist Vegetarian’

This is a short introduction to one of the modern pieces of equipment, an ultrasonic homogenizer, I used in the book. It is explored in more detail (along with a couple more videos) in the ebook. Infact the very first dish in the book uses it aswell.

Check out the video and then some more info below for an outline of how the ultrasonic homogenizer works and some applications. Then you will have to keep an eye out for the ebook for more detail I’m affraid. The good news is the ebook is going to be very cheap and accessible though and full of a ton of other great stuff aswell.

This piece of equipment is really new to culinary application so its full potential certainly won’t have been reached yet but with some great chefs now beginning to use it would be reasonable to expect to hear more about this bit of kit in the near future.

For now this an edited shortened intro to how the PolyScience SonicPrep works and, as I said before, you will then have to wait for
‘Modernist Vegetarian’ to come out to see more on this.

So - the PolyScience SonicPrep emits high intensity sound waves via an ultrasonic probe creating alternating high and low pressure cycles within liquids. This creates tiny vacuum bubbles within the liquid, which then implode generating incredible forces (both heat and pressures) but on a minuscule scale. This process is called cavitation.

These powerful forces acting at such a minute scale can be very useful in cuisine for creating very fine and stable emulsions and infusions without damaging our finished product.

Shock waves in the liquid created by the cavitation process cause high speed jets of liquid (again on a tiny scale) within the liquid. These can disrupt and disperse a fat and help in the creation of an emulsion with a tiny fat droplet size.

This effect means that fats can be dispersed in tiny droplets so small in fact that in low fat concentrations (around 2.5%) an emulsion can be created and remain stable for days without the addition of any emulsifying or stabilising agent. These ‘milks’ (low fat emulsions) where one of my favourite applications of the SonicPrep.

Adding a stabiliser (such as xanthan gum) or emulsifier (such as soy lecithin) can help to keep the tiny fat droplets dispersed when using a higher fat percentage, thus giving you very fine emulsions with a higher fat content, this is useful in creating a stable culinary preparation.

The effects of cavitation can also allow us make infusions very quickly without the application of heat to the whole prodcuct (although I still prefer Nitrous Infusion for this). Along with having a myriad of other potential culinary applications.

Keep an eye on the blog and my twitter for more announcements on the ebook release and