Edible Cocktails

Above - ‘Death in the Afternoon’ Edible cocktail inspired by Hemingways cocktail of Absinthe and Champagne, this version features powdered absinthe and carbonated grapes.

Edible Cocktails
& some other press from the weekend.

This weekend I was pleased to find out I was being featured on the Guardians
‘Word of Mouth’ blog for the Edible cocktails I serve and did a cook book of, and then also was featured on the cover of The Independent with my modernised nut roast recipe inside.


Above - ‘G&T’ Gin and Tonic Meringue served with an aromatic infusion of Juniper & Coriander

You can read the Guardian piece
It covers edible cocktails made by myself and a number of other chefs. I serve a couple of these small dishes inspired by cocktails or alcohol at the start of my tasting menu. I also produced and ebook focused on Edible Cocktails (more info

Above - ‘Sake Blossom’ Dish inspired by the Sake cocktail featuring Peach and Rose.

Then I was also pleasantly surprised to be featured on the cover of The Independent newspaper on Saturday with my modernised nut roast recipe inside.


Above - The front cover


Above - In good company in the paper

NUT ROAST 1-blog

Above - The modernised nut roast I developed for Vodafone’s christmas ad campaign. More info HERE

Vodafone Modernised Nut Roast

NUT ROAST 1-blog

This is the dish I developed for Vodafone as part of their christmas advertising campaign. They wanted a modernised version of a nut roast to accompany their run of TV ads.

You can see the full recipe, videos and more info on their blog