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‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’

The new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

Step by step modern vegetarian recipes enhanced with video.


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‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’ features step by step recipes illustrated with hundreds of beautiful photographs and enhanced with video. It is the forth book from award winning vegetarian chef and cookbook author Eddie Shepherd.

This book focuses on delicious modern vegetarian and vegan dishes achievable by anyone. It is perfect for home cooks or chefs looking for menu inspiration. Dishes are broken down into sections and give step by step instructions with pictures, and sometimes video, to help you get great results.

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Chapters include -

Za’atar Popcorn
Smoked Tofu, Plum and Rosemary Skewers
Black Bean Chilli with Burnt Lettuce & Coriander Mayonnaise
Stir-Fried Tofu with Blueberry Pickled Onions
Poached Egg with Cavolo Nero, Hazelnut and Pine Smoked Oil
Charred Aubergine & Tofu Laksa
Chocolate Mousse with Kahlúa Whipped Cream and Caramel Coated Hazelnuts
Gin and Tonic Granita
Basic Breads
Sous Vide - An Introduction with Recipes
and much more …


Reviews of Eddies books -

“One of the most visually stunning things I’ve ever seen on the iPad”
“One of the greatest young chefs of our generation”
“Stunning ebook, the value is incredible”
“Amazing fresh approach to veggie food from a great chef”

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Available from iTunes, iBooks or as a PDF for all platforms


‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’ by Eddie Shepherd


Buy now as a PDF for all platforms

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Vibrant Vegetarian
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These PDF versions of the books contain all the same content as the iBook/iTunes versions but work on all platforms and devises. They contain hundreds of high quality images and detailed recipes as well as links to videos which illustrate the recipes & techniques.

I hope you enjoy the book and if so please have a look at some more of my work and my other books and tell your friends or colleagues.

Thank you for supporting an independent creative venture like this.


Eddie Shepherd

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Please note - the books are large files (between 700mb and 900mb each), it may take some time for each to download and open as they contain many images, please be patient.


You can re-download your copy of the book up to 3 times.

I hope you enjoy the books and keep a look out for more coming soon.

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£3.99 Edible Cocktails
Vibrant Vegetarian
Modernist Vegetarian

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Easy Sous Vide Chocolate Ice-Cream


Rich Chocolate Ice-Cream - Sous Vide

This incredibly rich, luxurious chocolate ice-cream is simple to make with the precision of sous vide cooking and will seriously impress every time!

It’s got an immense intensity of flavour from the dark chocolate and a perfect rich, smooth texture which is always spot on and consistently repeatable with the accuracy of sous vide cooking.


For the ice-cream base the sous vide method aids consistency, accuracy and makes the ice-cream making process easier and neater. This means you get fantastic results every time and have more free time, so its an ice-cream technique that suits home cooking when you are busy or can allow you to focus on more technical culinary exploits knowing your ice-cream is taken care off.

The cooked ice-cream base will keep in its vacuum bag in the fridge for up to a week before being frozen. So it can actually be made well ahead of time but frozen as close to serving as possible to prevent the formation of large ice crystals and so keep a beautiful smooth texture.



500g Double cream
250g Dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
150g Caster sugar
150g Whole milk
50g Butter
110g Egg yolks (approx 6 free-range medium egg yolks)
Pinch salt

First melt the chocolate and butter either in the microwave or in a bowl placed over a pan of simmering water.

Now bit by bit stir the cream into the melted chocolate.

Combine this chocolate and cream mixture along with all the other ingredients in a blender and puree until the mixture is completely smooth.

Now split this ice-cream base between two vacuum bags and seal in a chamber vacuum at approximately 40% vacuum (the vacuum strength is relatively low to prevent the ice-cream mix bubbling up out of the bag) or seal the mix in ziplock bags excluding as much air from the bags as possible.

Place these bags of ice-cream base into a waterbath at 82°C, the water temperature will briefly drop, as soon as the temperature climbs back to 82°C start a timer for 20 minutes.

Cook the ice-cream base for 20 minutes at 82°C then remove the bags from the water bath and immediately chill in cold water while squeezing the bag to ensure the contents are moved around well.

You can store this ice-cream base in its in the fridge for up to a week before freezing, or freeze immediately by your preferred method, I use a simple ice-cream machine at home.

Let the ice-cream soften at room temperature before serving.

For more on Sous Vide cooking check out my books and the Sous Vide Category of the blog

Sous Vide equipment is available from