Tamari Cured Egg Yolks


This is a new technique I developed for curing egg yolks in tamari. The results are truelly delicious, the tamari cured yolks have a parmesan like flavour but also still something unique and not quite the same as an aged cheese. When I taught this technique in Athens a number of the chefs said it tasted like bottarga. But whatever you liken it to it is a stand out delicious product that can bring a big kick of umami to a variety of dishes. You can see the technique in the video bellow and the full recipe is given at the end of this post.


There are simpler, traditional methods for curing yolks in salt but I found that the results can be overly salty. I wanted something less salty but with lots of umami and a more complex, aged flavour. After trying a few different approaches, some trial and error and then time spent refining the method I arrived at this technique which I now use all the time. The yolks are cooked in a tamari cure (extra salt and sugar is added to the tamari) in a waterbath at 62°C for 6 hours. In this time the yolks are cured and set, then the cured yolks are dehydrated until completely dry. The finished tamari cured yolks can be grated finely with a microplane.

The dish pictured is from my upcoming book which should be released in May. It is a take on a salad with confit potato and fresh peas dressed in smoked yoghurt and hidden under a generous grating of the tamari cured egg yolks.

I’ll also be serving dishes featuring the tamari cured yolks at my upcoming
supper clubs, so if you are in the Manchester area you can come and try them in person.


Tamari Cured Egg Yolks

Tamari cure liquid
200g Tamari
20g Sugar
20g Salt

Blend the ingredients for the tamari cure liquid together and place in a squeeze bottle.

For each egg yolk

Cut a piece of cling film and place over a cup.
Separate an egg yolk from the white.
Place the yolk in center of the clingfilm.
Pour the tamari cure over the yolk.
Pinch clingfilm together to form a package - excluding as much air as possible but careful not to break the yolk.
Twist the cling film to secure the package.
Clip the clingfilm packages in place.
Trim the excess clingfilm off.


Carefully place the packed egg yolks into the waterbath on a low circulatory flow.
Cook the yolks for 6 hours at 62
Once cooked carefully remove yolks from their clingfilm packaging and pour away the tamari cure.
Finally dehydrate the cured yolks at 68
°C for 6-8 hours until completely dried.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge until needed.


The Staff Canteen Interview

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.14.31

Just a quick blog to share to share a link to the interview I did with
The Staff Canteen.

I talk about a lot of stuff - the process of working on new dishes, my supperclub, designing new ingredients and my background.

There are also some exclusive recipes and pics from my upcoming book

Check it out here

Ahtens - Modern Vegetarian Cuisine Course

This is just a short blog to share a few photos from the course I recently taught in Athens. You can see a full gallery of around 60 images from the course by clicking here.

The course was titled 'Modern Vegetarian Cuisine' and was targeted at chefs working in high end restaurants and hotels, organised by
Gastronomy Essentials.

I showed 22 dishes over two full days of teaching and we served tasters with every dish, so it was a very ambitious programme and a lot of hard work, but with the help of the fantastic team I had it went brilliantly and we got an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the 50 chefs attending the course.

I'd like like to especially thank Harry from
Gastromony Essentials for organising the course, Fay for heading up the kitchen team, and the rest of the chefs I worked with for all their hard work, as well as the chefs attending the course for their enthusiasm.

If you are interested please take a look at the
full gallery and look out for information on things like this that I’m up to by following me on the Blog, Twitter and Facebook

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