Sep 2017

Caramelised Almond Milk - Technique & Recipe

This is going to be short and sweet.

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I posted pictures of me making caramelised almond milk on my instagram with a brief description of the process and it seemed really popular with people so i thought I’d put those pics with the full recipe here. I’m not getting time to put much on the blog at the moment but I will try and put more ‘micro blogs’ about the techniques and recipes I use on my instagram and then if thats popular maybe post those here too.

So anyway, I came up with the technique for this a couple of years ago and it is a process I use a lot. At the moment I am using the caramelised almond milk just as a finishing element of a dessert on the tasting menu but I have used it for a variety of other things in the past - check out my books for some of those.

The caramelised almond milk has a rich intense flavour of caramel, toasted almonds, butterscotch, popcorn and vanilla. The basic process is that I sweeten homemade almond milk a lot and then cook it sous vide for 24 hours. During this cooking maillard reactions take place, browning the milk and producing the rich caramel flavours.

The full recipes are bellow

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Close up of the caramelised almond milk used a sauce to finish a dish on the current tasting menu

Caramelised Almond Milk Recipe

For the Homemade Almond Milk

500g Blanched Almonds
1400g Water
Seeds of a vanilla pod
300g Caster Sugar
5g salt
3g Xanthan gum

Soak the almonds over night in fresh water.
The next day stain the almonds then blend them with then 1400g of water and the xanthan gum.
Strain this mix through a fine nut milk bag of layers of muslin, or use a centrifuge if you have access to one.
Now blend the sugar and vanilla seeds into the nut milk.

For the Caramelised Almond Milk

500g Caster Sugar
250g Homemade Almond Milk - from above
10g Bicarbonate of soda

  • Combine the sugar, almond milk and bicarbonate of soda and gently stir together (try not to introduce too much air into the liquid as it will foam a lot when vacuumed). Then separate the mixture across 2 vacuum bags. Vacuum seal the mixture and cook in a water bath at 90°C for 24 hours.

NOTE - store the caramelised almond milk in the fridge, but bring to room temperature for plating up. if this caramelised almond milk starts to crystallise or in general needs a touch of thinning add a dash of hot water