'Death in the Afternoon' - An Edible Cocktail with Powdered Absinthe

In this video I demonstrate making one of the Edible Cocktails that I serve at the start of my tasting menus.

This small dish entitled ‘Death in the Afternoon’ is inspired by the namesake cocktail that Ernest Hemingway invented - a combination of Absinthe & Champagne.

For my version I make a powdered absinthe that packs a real kick of alcohol, then I pair it with carbonated grapes to mimic the effervescence of champagne. The dish is completed with freeze dried grape, pop rocks - to provide more fizz, and fresh fennel tips - to complement the anise flavour of Absinthe.

It adds up to a small one bite dish with a big impact of flavour, fizz and alcohol which is exhilarating but fleeting. So it’s perfect for the start of the tasting menu when its is served as part of a trio of edible cocktails before the series of savoury dishes begins.

These Edible Cocktails are small dishes inspired by cocktails & alcohol, I became interested in the idea of serving small edible cocktails at the start of the tasting menu inspired by their use at Alinea & Aviary.