A Dish Evolving

I’m writing a couple of quick post today. I’ve been really busy working on two more books due out next year, which I hope for anyone who saw the first book will go beyond their expectations. I’m working on new techniques and have made some of the best dishes I think I have ever done, so do look out for more news on this.

Anyway, this just a short post, mostly in pictures, for those who are interested on the way that a dish can evolve for me. Apologies if this seems self indulgent but I know for some people it will be of interest. :)

The dish in question focuses on Bronze Fennel, Elderflower, Feta Cheese, Apple and Cucumber.

Summer 2011 - At my parents house in the garden my Mum points out the bronze fennel they have grown and I notice elderflower growing nearby. I start to think about their flavours and using them in a dish paired with apple and cheese. (This is the photo I took on my phone that day)

The same day - I don’t have the other ingredients I want with me but I start to look at how the fennel and elderflower look on the plate. (again this is the actual photo from my phone from the day)

I go away and refine my ideas and settle on serving small cubes of feta and cucumber vacuum infused with apple and elderflower. - Full post on the dish here
A year later and I am asked to do some dishes for a norwegian magazine, we are going to use my parents house as the location for the photographer to get pics of them so I wanted to make this dish again but as its later in the year there is no fresh elderflower so I alter the dish to make it more suited to the transition into autumn. So I use dried elderflower to smoke an apple puree, keeping with the ensconce of the dish but also seasonality. So it now consists of -

Bronze Fennel
Feta Cheese
Elderflower Smoked Apple Puree
Fresh Cucumber
Pickled Beetroot with Juniper.


The finished dish, which they selected for the front cover of the magazine.

I hope thats of some interest to you guys. I’m going to post some more stuff today swell, including a recipe.