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Chocolate Mousse, Orange Glass, Smoked Salt Hazelnut Caramel, Crystallised Micro Coriander (Vegan)

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Chocolate Mousse, Orange Glass, Smoked Salt Hazelnut Caramel, Crystallised Micro Coriander (Vegan)

This rich, intense chocolate mousse, foamed using a cream whipper, is dairy and egg free but really packs a punch of full on deep chocolate flavour. Here I’ve paired it with complimentary flavours and contrasting textures. There’s a brittle, delicate Orange Glass. Sweet, aromatic, crystallised micro coriander. And finally caramel coated hazelnuts finished with smoked salt.

Chocolate Mousse (Dairy and Egg Free)

110g Dark Chocolate (Minimum 70% Cocoa Solids – Dairy Free)
330g Water
80g Caster Sugar
15g Coco Powder
20g Smoked Brandy (click
here for smoked brandy method)
Xanthan Gum
Soy Lecithin

First off melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water. Meanwhile in a separate saucepan combine the water, sugar and coco powder and bring to a simmer whilst whisking.

Next stir the hot sugar and coco mixture into the melted chocolate. Mix well for a minute or two, and then stir in the smoked brandy.

Set the chocolate mixture to one side to cool completely. Once cooled blend in the Lecithin and
Xanthan gum with a hand blender. Now set the mix to one side to sit covered overnight (12-24 hours).

After it has been sat overnight you are ready to foam the mixture. First give the mix a good stir to loosen it up a little (it will be quite thick). Next spoon the mixture into a ½ liter cream whipper and charge with one bulb of
Nitrous Oxide.

Shake the whipper vigorously for around 30 seconds, then when you’re ready to serve invert the whipper to dispense your chocolate mousse (if you want a more aerated mousse use an additional bulb of nitrous but I prefer the texture with just one).

Bellow you can see a video of me demonstrating the foaming technique used in this dish.

Cream Whippers available from -

Orange Glass
165g Fresh Orange Juice
40g Pure-cote B790
15g Caster Sugar
5g Icing Sugar
Tiny Pinch of Salt
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cardamom
One Tablespoon Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Slowly heat all ingredients except the lemon juice to 90C in a small pan whilst whisking. Hold this mixture at 90C for two to three minutes, continually stirring.

Remove the pan from the heat and pour the liquid into a blender, now adding the fresh lemon juice.

Blend the hot mix for ten minutes on full power. Now dab a small amount of olive oil on to a couple of sheets of acetate and then wipe them with paper towel to create a very light coating of oil.

Pour out a little of the warm orange juice mix onto each of the prepared acetate sheets and form as thin a layer of the juice mix as possible by moving the sheets around. Next place the acetate sheets into a dehydrator set at 33C for 3 - 4 hours until the juice mixture has become a malleable but dry film. (The coated acetate can be left at room temperature to dry overnight but I find this low temperature stage in the dehydrator works well and speeds up the process). Carefully peel the orange film away from the acetate and shape the film as desired. Here I tore small pieces of the film into simple shapes.

Finally dehydrate the torn orange film on baking paper at 57C for 10-12 hours until you are left with crisp and brittle, abstract shaped pieces of orange glass.

(These can be stored in an airtight container - layering with baking paper along with a small wrap of silica crystals to prevent the fruit glass from absorbing moisture).

Crystallised Micro Coriander

100g Caster Sugar
100g Water
Micro Coriander

Firstly make a simple sugar syrup by heating the water and sugar together whilst stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Now allow the syrup to cool completely.

Then dip the clean fresh micro coriander into the sugar syrup, one piece at a time (this is easiest using tweezers). Shake any excess liquid of the herbs and place them, well spaced out, on a non-stick sheet.

Now simply place the sheet into a dehydrator at 35C for 8- 12 hours until the coated micro herbs are crisp and dry on the outside (its worth checking on the herbs half way through and carefully turning them over if necessary)

Smoked Salt Hazelnut Caramel

200g Caster Sugar
50g Hazelnuts
Smoked Maldon salt

First make a simple caramel by gently heating the sugar in a non-stick pan until it melts, then continue to heat the sugar until it reaches a golden colour. Now stir in your hazelnuts and immediately pour out the caramel onto a heatproof mat (or lined baking tray) to cool. Sprinkle a little smoked maldon salt over the caramel whist it is still tacky.

Then smash the caramel into small pieces and reserve until your ready to put together the dish. (You can store the caramel in an airtight plastic tub, ideally with a small wrap of
silica crystals for longer life)

To Serve

Put a little of the broken salted hazelnut caramel in the bottom of a glass. Now dispense the chocolate mousse from the cream whipper into the glass. Finally place a piece of the orange glass into the mousse so that it stands up and finish with a couple of pieces of the crystallised micro coriander. Serve immediately.

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