Herb Oil

Goats Cheese Parfait, Avocado and Dill Pollen Puree, Yuzu Soured Goats Milk Froth, Dill Oil. With Crushed Pine Nuts, Cucumber, and Preserved Lemon Zest

Goats done

Goats Cheese / Avacardo / Dill

This refreshing chilled dish focuses on the flavours of goats cheese, dill, and avocado. The central frozen square of goats cheese parfait is rich and refreshing and acts as a base for the dish. The yuzu soured goats milk froth is sharp and light while the avocado puree is thick and smooth, with the delicate flavour of dill pollen. Then the dill oil, which splits the goats milk froth, unites the dishes flavours. Finally cucumber cubes and crushed pine nuts give an added texture contrast to this small, elegant dish.

Goats Cheese Parfait

300g Soft Goats Cheese
100g Goats Milk Yoghurt
200g Double Cream
2 Free Range Egg Yolks

First off whip the cream to soft peaks and set it to one side.

Next blend together the goats cheese, egg yolks and goats yogurt along with a little salt until smooth.

Finally fold the whipped cream into the goats cheese mixture and season to taste.

Spread the mixture to about 1 cm deep in baking trays lined with baking paper and place in the freeze.

Once frozen cut the parfait into small squares and reserve in the freezer until you’re ready to plate up.

Avocado and Dill Pollen Puree

200g Avocado Flesh
30g Avocado Oil
15g Glucose Syrup
25g Lemon Juice
Pinch Dill pollen
Salt and pepper

Simply blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Then pass the puree though a fine sieve. Check the seasoning and chill in the fridge for at least two hours before using.

Yuzu Soured Goats Milk Froth

50ml Yuzu Juice
25ml White Wine (dry)
250ml Goats Milk (Whole)

Heat the yuzu juice and white wine in a pan till boiling, then simmer and reduce for two to three minutes.
Add the goats milk and simply bring to a gentle simmer for 2-3 minutes whilst whisking. Add salt to taste.

Chill the soured goats milk in the fridge.

Reserve chilled in the fridge

Dill Oil –

50g Fresh Dill
100g Groundnut Oil

This technique for making herb oils is something I’ve been playing with as a way to make flavourful herb oils without waiting a long time for them to infuse.

Using my technique herb oils can be made quickly and you can use oils which would otherwise be spoiled by heating.

So for the dill oil – First blanch the fresh dill in boiling water for about 45 seconds before plunging quickly into ice water.

Now squeeze as much water out of the dill as possible through cheesecloth.

Next set the dill on some paper towel and dry in dehydrator for one hour at 33C (or sit in a warm dry place until excess moisture has dried out).

Now add it to the oil and slowly heat the oil to 60C. Then hold the oil at 60C for five minutes.

Now pour the oil and dill while hot into a blender and blend continuously for 10 minutes.

Finally strain the oil through a double layer of cheesecloth or a superbag.

If you have access to a centrifuge spinning the herb oil in it will give an even clearer blighter product but this step is optional.

Store in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze to store the oil indefinitely (frozen it will keep its bright colour and flavour).


One Cucumber
One Preserved Lemon
A couple of teaspoons of Pine Nuts

For the cucumber cubes first off peel the cucumber then cut strips less than a centimetre thick of the flesh (you don’t want the seeds for this). Then simply cut the cucumber flesh in to even cubes of just less than a centimetre.

For the preserved lemon zest simply use a zester to collect the zest of the preserved lemon.

For the pine nuts, just crush or chop the nuts into small pieces.

Putting it together

Place a square of the goats cheese parfait in the centre of a chilled dish.

Now froth a little of the yuzu soured goats milk with a small whisk and then take
a couple of tables spoons of the lightly frothed milk and mix in a little dill oil. Gently stir these together and then spoon the mix over the parfait onto the plate. The milk and oil will separate out on their own.

Now on one side of the square of parfait delicately place a little of the crushed pine nuts. Then take a quenelle of the avocado and dill pollen puree and place it on top of the crushed pine nuts. Finish by sitting a pinch of the preserved lemon zest on top of the puree

Next, on the other side of the square of parfait, place 3 or 4 of the cucumber cubes, equally spaced.

Then that’s it, your ready to serve this refreshing chilled dish.