Hendricks Gin Edible Cocktail

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Hendricks Gin Edible Cocktail

Hendricks and Elderflower Vacuum Infused Carbonated Cucumber. Rose salt

This carbonated edible cocktail is built around the unique and unusual Hendricks Gin ( Hendricks is infused with cucumber and rose as well as the traditional juniper, giving it an individual character which I’ve chosen to highlight in this little one bite dish. You could serve these in a stack for people to share or individually, like I have here, on a pin.

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I have the lovely Wendy Swetnam (chef extraordinaire) to thank for introducing me to Hendricks Gin, and her much celebrated and delicious Gin and Tonic cake. In fact it was after having cocktails with Wendy that I decided to experiment with this idea. I’d had a champagne cocktail with Hendricks and Elderflower, served with a cucumber garnish and it got me thinking about ways I could make something edible inspired by this drink.

So here I started here by adding elderflower syrup to Hendricks. Then I used a vacuum infusion technique to infuse the cucumber with this boozy mixture. Then I’ve carbonated the cucumber to give it a fizzy kick. Finishing it all off with a little rose and salt for a floral note and to enhance and unite the flavours.

Hendricks and Elderflower Liquid

150ml Hendricks Gin
75ml Elderflower Syrup (home made or you can buy ‘
Routin 1883’ Elderflower Syrup here)
Juice of half a Lemon

Simply stir these together and set to one side.

Cucumber Infusion –

cuc syringe

If like most people you don’t have access to a chamber vacuum machine the cucumber will need to be cut into segments small enough to fit inside a large syringe for this infusion (see above pic).

I used a very small pastry cutter to get even sized pieces of cucumber then cut them into 1/2cm thick slices, but you could simply peel the cucumber then slice it into rounds of the size you desire (so long as they aren’t too thick to infuse).

To infuse the cucumber I used a large syringe (you can see Dave Arnolds post on home vacuum infusion

In short I took three slices of cucumber at a time and placed them in the syringe. Then I filled the syringe with enough of the Hendricks and Elderflower liquid to cover the cucumber plus a bit. Then you expel any air in the syringe by inverting it and pressing the plunger to push out any excess air.

Now you can cover the tip of the syringe either with a cap or just your finger and pull out the plunger as far as you can to create a vacuum inside the syringe. You should see air suddenly rapidly bubbling out of the cucumber. Hold the vacuum for a minute or so.

Now once again expel the air that has been sucked out of the cucumber and pull a vacuum in the syringe again but this time pull the plunger all the way out of the syringe letting air rush back in. This will force the Hendricks liquid into the cucumber and leave it infused with the liquid.

You can then repeat this process until you have as much infused cucumber as you need. This is time consuming using this technique rather than a chamber vacuum machine but if it is just for a few portions then this is a nice simple and affordable technique.

Carbonating the Cucumber –

whipper dn

Cream Whippers available from

Next I carbonated the infused cucumber in a cream whipper – (see video here)

Just place the infused cucumber into the cream whipper and cover with some more of the Hendricks and Elderflower liquid.

Charge the whipper with one CO2 charger then vent it completely to remove as much air from the whipper as possible. Now charge the whipper with two C02 chargers, shake the cream whipper gently and then chill it for at least two hour. When you are ready to serve these simply vent the gas and strain out the cucumber pieces.

Floral Salt –

For my floral salt to finish off the edible cocktail I simply roughly chopped some dried edible flowers – mainly roses, and then combined this with some Malden salt and gave in another swift chop through to mix.

You can buy dried edible flowers online or like I did you can buy them fresh unsprayed, then pick the petals and wash them before drying them out yourself.