Alan Titchmarsh Show


Watch a clip from the show here - Alan Titchmarsh Demo Youtube Clip

It was a really fun day, I’d particually like to thank Lauren the assistant producer for looking after me so well and being so patient and helpful, and all the production team and runners etc were great. Alan was as lovely as can be and I hope you all enjoy it.

Only point I’d make is I still am not a fan of the term or description ‘Molecular gastronomy/gastronomist’ - prefering, modern, modernist, or just cook/chef. But I totally understand that for media stuff this is something I’m going to have to live with and take with a pinch of salt as its the populist description and blanket term for many of things I engage with. Just so long as, fellow chefs, you know this is not how I would choose to be described or known :)

And just a ps. that the scones was not my idea, just go with it its TV.

Bellow are a few pics bellow from the day.



Eddie Shepherd - Cook





Eddie Shepherd