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  • The Walled Gardens Cookbook

    ‘The Walled Gardens’ cookbook beautifully displays Eddie’s creative recipes along side full page photography and detailed information on techniques.

    Eddie has taken his unique, artistic cooking around the world. From pop-up restaurants in Mexico City to dinners in Cyprus and China, these influences show through in his food. His pioneering approach to modern plant-based cuisine has made Eddie a prominent name in the culinary world.

  • Available Now

    Available to buy from Carel Press now. Click bellow to order online.

    Also available signed in person at the The Walled Gardens tasting menu

Some quotes about the book from the north-wests best chefs

Over the years I’ve watched Eddie grow and develop into the superbly creative chef he is today. This book will demonstrate just how creative he is and his passion for food. Proud to have been part of his journey.

Simon Rimmer - Greens / Sunday Brunch - Channel 4
Eddie is one of those rare chefs who understands how to use texture alongside flavour to create seriously impactful mouthfuls of food.
Everything he serves is delivered with a huge emphasis on fun, and experiencing one of his tasting menus is a delight I urge all humans to seek out.
On top of being disgustingly talented, he is also one of the nicest chefs I’ve ever had the pleasure to cook with.

Mary-Ellen McTague - The Creameries
Eddie is the magician of the vegetarian world. His food is mesmerising.

Aiden Byrne - The Church Green
Eddie brings a unique approach to vegetarian cuisine, everything is thought out with a smart culinary intelligence and a pleasure not only to the taste buds but also to the eye.

Marc Wilkinson - Restaurant Fraiche - Michelin Star
Eddie has created something truly alternative. Not just through his inventive and refreshing cooking but also in the setting in which he serves it. The Walled Gardens may be the future of intimate dining, and we would all be the better for it.

Sam Buckely - Where the light gets in
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