Eddie Shepherd is an award winning modern vegetarian chef, cookbook author and development chef.

At the forefront of modern vegetarian cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature and uses innovative techniques to create exciting, unique food that contrasts the wild and natural with controlled technique, precision and a modern aesthetic.

Eddie runs the unique
‘Walled Gardens Underground Restaurant’ - A supperclub in Manchester serving a modern vegetarian tasting menu in an informal atmosphere. All the food is cooked and served by the chef alone for just 8 diners per night, making this an intimate but relaxed, unique fine dining experience.

Eddies cookbooks have been met with acclaim from both chefs and home cooks.

Eddie does some media work including magazine pieces, TV and Radio appearances etc

He's worked with clients including Google, the BBC, ITV, and many more. And consulted for various companies including Waitrose Cookery School and Cream Supplies.

Eddie also runs
www.Modernist-Chef.com an online shop for modern home cooks & chefs, as well as acting as a chef consultant and teaching some cookery classes.

An extremely passionate chef, Eddie sees food as a wonderful, exciting, endlessly interesting and surprising subject that pervades all our lives and, at its best, is an art that can encompass, reflect and to a degree influence philosophies, social and cultural trends, reverence for the past and future, our relationship with others and bring out our most childlike sense of excitement.

For inquiries or media requests please use the
Contact Page to email Eddie.

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